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Replaces files.

REPLACE [drive1:][path1]filename [drive2:][path2] [/A] [/P] [/R] [/W]
REPLACE [drive1:][path1]filename [drive2:][path2] [/P] [/R] [/S] [/W] [/U]

[drive1:][path1]filename             Specifies the source file or files.
[drive2:][path2]                         Specifies the directory where files are to be replaced.
/A                                             Adds new files to destination directory. Cannot use with /S or /U switches.
/P                                             Prompts for confirmation before replacing a file or adding a source file.
/R                                             Replaces read-only files as well as unprotected files.
/S                                             Replaces files in all subdirectories of the destination directory. Cannot use with the /A switch.
/W                                            Waits for you to insert a disk before beginning.
/U                                            Replaces (updates) only files that are older than source files. Cannot use with the /A switch.



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