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Many of the troubleshooting techniques you will find on the internet make use of the DOS or Command Prompt.
While thought by many to be an old fashioned way of controlling computers, the command prompt is a very powerful tool which gives you more advanced ways of manipulating your computer.
This site will give you a quick overview of how the command prompt works, initially starting with showing you how to move around your file system. When it comes to running more advanced commands, this basic information will help because different commands need to be run from different directories.

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Throughout this site you will see this referred to as a command prompt. On modern Windows operating systems, DOS Prompt and Command Prompt are the same thing.

You should have a Command Prompt open when reading this site so that you can try the commands. Unless stated, you will not damage your data by just moving around your folders.

  1. Basics
    Includes: Open and Closing the Command Prompt, copy and paste, clearing the screen, changing the size of the screen and keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Folders
    Moving between folders, listing folder contents, deleting files, renaming files and folders and creating new directories
  3. Command Prompt Reference
    Listing of the standard command prompt commands available in Windows.
  4. Windows 10
    The Windows 10 Command Prompt has introduced a lot of new features which makes it easier to work with, particularly using keyboard shortcuts.

The command line allows you to more advanced tasks, either using built in tools or additional third party tools.

A lot of the commands can be run as part of login scripts. We have a site dedicated to login scripts at


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