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BCDEDIT - Boot Configuration Data Store Editor

The Bcdedit.exe command-line tool modifies the boot configuration data store. The boot configuration data store contains boot configuration parameters and controls how the operating system is booted. These parameters were previously in the Boot.ini file (in BIOS-based operating systems) or in the nonvolatile RAM entries (in Extensible Firmware Interface-based operating systems). You canuse Bcdedit.exe to add, delete, edit, and append entries in the boot configuration data store.

For detailed command and option information, type bcdedit.exe /? <command>. For example, to display detailed information about the /createstore command, type:

bcdedit.exe /? /createstore

For an alphabetical list of topics in this help file, run "bcdedit /? TOPICS".

Commands that operate on a store

/createstore    Creates a new and empty boot configuration data store.
/export           Exports the contents of the system store to a file. This file can be used later to restore the state of the system store.
/import           Restores the state of the system store using a backup file created with the /export command.
/sysstore        Sets the system store device (only affects EFI systems, does not persist across reboots, and is only used in cases where the system store device is ambiguous).

Commands that operate on entries in a store

/copy        Makes copies of entries in the store.
/create      Creates new entries in the store.
/delete      Deletes entries from the store.
/mirror      Creates mirror of entries in the store.

Run bcdedit /? ID for information about identifiers used by these commands.

Commands that operate on entry options

/deletevalue    Deletes entry options from the store.
/set                Sets entry option values in the store.

Run bcdedit /? TYPES for a list of datatypes used by these commands.
Run bcdedit /? FORMATS for a list of valid data formats.

Commands that control output

/enum     Lists entries in the store.
/v           Command-line option that displays entry identifiers in full, rather than using names for well-known identifiers.
              Use /v by itself as a command to display entry identifiers in full for the ACTIVE type.

Running "bcdedit" by itself is equivalent to running "bcdedit /enum ACTIVE".

Commands that control the boot manager

/bootsequence     Sets the one-time boot sequence for the boot manager.
/default                Sets the default entry that the boot manager will use.
/displayorder       Sets the order in which the boot manager displays the multiboot menu.
/timeout               Sets the boot manager time-out value.
/toolsdisplayorder Sets the order in which the boot manager displays the tools menu.

Commands that control Emergency Management Services for a boot application

/bootems     Enables or disables Emergency Management Services for a boot application.
/ems            Enables or disables Emergency Management Services for an operating system entry.
/emssettings Sets the global Emergency Management Services parameters.

Command that control debugging

/bootdebug              Enables or disables boot debugging for a boot application.
/dbgsettings             Sets the global debugger parameters.
/debug                     Enables or disables kernel debugging for an operating system entry.
/hypervisorsettings   Sets the hypervisor parameters.



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