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Edits command lines, recalls Windows commands, and creates macros.

DOSKEY [/REINSTALL] [/LISTSIZE=size] [/MACROS[:ALL | :exename]][/HISTORY] [/INSERT | /OVERSTRIKE] [/EXENAME=exename] [/MACROFILE=filename][macroname=[text]]

/REINSTALL                 Installs a new copy of Doskey.
/LISTSIZE=size              Sets size of command history buffer.
/MACROS                     Displays all Doskey macros.
/MACROS:ALL             Displays all Doskey macros for all executables which have Doskey macros.
/MACROS:exename       Displays all Doskey macros for the given executable.
/HISTORY                     Displays all commands stored in memory.
/INSERT                        Specifies that new text you type is inserted in old text.
/OVERSTRIKE              Specifies that new text overwrites old text.
/EXENAME=exename    Specifies the executable.
/MACROFILE=filename Specifies a file of macros to install.
macroname                     Specifies a name for a macro you create.
text                                 Specifies commands you want to record.

UP and DOWN ARROWS recall commands; ESC clears command line; F7 displays command history; ALT+F7 clears command history; F8 searches command history; F9 selects a command by number; ALT+F10 clears macro definitions.

The following are some special codes in Doskey macro definitions:
$T Command separator. Allows multiple commands in a macro.
$1-$9 Batch parameters. Equivalent to %1-%9 in batch programs.
$* Symbol replaced by everything following macro name on command line.



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