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Displays output one screen at a time.

MORE [/E [/C] [/P] [/S] [/Tn] [+n]] < [drive:][path]filename

command-name | MORE [/E [/C] [/P] [/S] [/Tn] [+n]]

MORE /E [/C] [/P] [/S] [/Tn] [+n] [files]

[drive:][path]filename Specifies a file to display one screen at a time.

command-name Specifies a command whose output will be displayed.

/E Enable extended features
/C Clear screen before displaying page
/P Expand FormFeed characters
/S Squeeze multiple blank lines into a single line
/Tn Expand tabs to n spaces (default 8)

Switches can be present in the MORE environment variable.

+n Start displaying the first file at line n

files List of files to be displayed. Files in the list are separated by blanks.

If extended features are enabled, the following commands are accepted at the -- More -- prompt:

P n Display next n lines
S n Skip next n lines
F Display next file
Q Quit
= Show line number
? Show help line
<space> Display next page
<ret> Display next line


The | is pipe - used in PowerShell, it is often on the same key as \.

Extended features is enabled by default on at least Windows 2003 and higher - therefore the /E command is not required. Pressing ? at the -- More -- Prompt will give you this:

-- More [Options: psfq=<space><ret>] --


FTYPE | more

FTYPE | more /E
Then press S and type a number.

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