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Changes the cmd.exe command prompt.

PROMPT [text]

text Specifies a new command prompt.

Prompt can be made up of normal characters and the following special codes:

$A     & (Ampersand)
$B     | (pipe)
$C     ( (Left parenthesis)
$D     Current date
$E     Escape code (ASCII code 27)
$F     ) (Right parenthesis)
$G     > (greater-than sign)
$H     Backspace (erases previous character)
$L     < (less-than sign)
$N     Current drive
$P     Current drive and path
$Q     = (equal sign)
$S     (space)
$T     Current time
$V     Windows version number
$_     Carriage return and linefeed
$$ $ (dollar sign)

If Command Extensions are enabled the PROMPT command supports the following additional formatting characters:

$+         zero or more plus sign (+) characters depending upon the
depth of the PUSHD directory stack, one character for each
level pushed.

$M         Displays the remote name associated with the current drive
letter or the empty string if current drive is not a network


Prompt alone returns to the default.


prompt $D

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