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[global switches] <command>

The following global switches are available:
/NAMESPACE     Path for the namespace the alias operate against.
/ROLE                   Path for the role containing the alias definitions.
/NODE                 Servers the alias will operate against.
/IMPLEVEL          Client impersonation level.
/AUTHLEVEL     Client authentication level.
/LOCALE             Language id the client should use.
/PRIVILEGES       Enable or disable all privileges.
/TRACE                 Outputs debugging information to stderr.
/RECORD             Logs all input commands and output.
/INTERACTIVE     Sets or resets the interactive mode.
/FAILFAST             Sets or resets the FailFast mode.
/USER                     User to be used during the session.
/PASSWORD         Password to be used for session login.
/OUTPUT             Specifies the mode for output redirection.
/APPEND              Specifies the mode for output redirection.
/AGGREGATE         Sets or resets aggregate mode.
/AUTHORITY             Specifies the <authority type> for the connection.
/?[:<BRIEF|FULL>]     Usage information.

For more information on a specific global switch, type: switch-name /?

The following alias/es are available in the current role:
ALIAS                                 - Access to the aliases available on the local system
BASEBOARD                      - Base board (also known as a motherboard or system board) management.
BIOS                                 - Basic input/output services (BIOS) management.
BOOTCONFIG                 - Boot configuration management.
CDROM                             - CD-ROM management.
COMPUTERSYSTEM     - Computer system management.
CPU                                 - CPU management.
CSPRODUCT                 - Computer system product information from SMBIOS.
DATAFILE                     - DataFile Management.
DCOMAPP                     - DCOM Application management.
DESKTOP                         - User's Desktop management.
DESKTOPMONITOR     - Desktop Monitor management.
DEVICEMEMORYADDRESS     - Device memory addresses management.
DISKDRIVE                     - Physical disk drive management.
DISKQUOTA                     - Disk space usage for NTFS volumes.
DMACHANNEL             - Direct memory access (DMA) channel management.
ENVIRONMENT             - System environment settings management.
FSDIR                                 - Filesystem directory entry management.
GROUP                             - Group account management.
IDECONTROLLER         - IDE Controller management.
IRQ                                     - Interrupt request line (IRQ) management.
JOB                                 - Provides access to the jobs scheduled using the schedule service.
LOADORDER                 - Management of system services that define execution dependencies.
LOGICALDISK               - Local storage device management.
LOGON                         - LOGON Sessions.
MEMCACHE                 - Cache memory management.
MEMORYCHIP             - Memory chip information.
MEMPHYSICAL             - Computer system's physical memory management.
NETCLIENT                     - Network Client management.
NETLOGIN                     - Network login information (of a particular user) management.
NETPROTOCOL             - Protocols (and their network characteristics) management.
NETUSE                         - Active network connection management.
NIC                                 - Network Interface Controller (NIC) management.
NICCONFIG                 - Network adapter management.
NTDOMAIN                     - NT Domain management.
NTEVENT                     - Entries in the NT Event Log.
NTEVENTLOG             - NT eventlog file management.
ONBOARDDEVICE      - Management of common adapter devices built into the motherboard (system board).
OS                                 - Installed Operating System/s management.
PAGEFILE                     - Virtual memory file swapping management.
PAGEFILESET                 - Page file settings management.
PARTITION                     - Management of partitioned areas of a physical disk.
PORT                                 - I/O port management.
PORTCONNECTOR         - Physical connection ports management.
PRINTER                         - Printer device management.
PRINTERCONFIG             - Printer device configuration management.
PRINTJOB                         - Print job management.
PROCESS                         - Process management.
PRODUCT                         - Installation package task management.
QFE                                     - Quick Fix Engineering.
QUOTASETTING                 - Setting information for disk quotas on a volume.
RDACCOUNT                     - Remote Desktop connection permission management.
RDNIC                                     - Remote Desktop connection management on a specific network adapter.
RDPERMISSIONS                     - Permissions to a specific Remote Desktop connection.
RDTOGGLE                             - Turning Remote Desktop listener on or off remotely.
RECOVEROS                             - Information that will be gathered from memory when the operating system fails.
REGISTRY                                 - Computer system registry management.
SCSICONTROLLER                 - SCSI Controller management.
SERVER                                     - Server information management.
SERVICE                                     - Service application management.
SHADOWCOPY                         - Shadow copy management.
SHADOWSTORAGE             - Shadow copy storage area management.
SHARE                                     - Shared resource management.
SOFTWAREELEMENT             - Management of the elements of a software product installed on a system.
SOFTWAREFEATURE             - Management of software product subsets of SoftwareElement.
SOUNDDEV                             - Sound Device management.
STARTUP                                 - Management of commands that run automatically when users log onto the computer system.
SYSACCOUNT                         - System account management.
SYSDRIVER                             - Management of the system driver for a base service.
SYSTEMENCLOSURE                 - Physical system enclosure management.
SYSTEMSLOT                             - Management of physical connection points including ports, slots and peripherals, and proprietary connections points.
TAPEDRIVE                                 - Tape drive management.
TEMPERATURE                            - Data management of a temperature sensor (electronic thermometer).
TIMEZONE                                   - Time zone data management.
UPS                                               - Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) management.
USERACCOUNT                         - User account management.
VOLTAGE                                     - Voltage sensor (electronic voltmeter) data management.
VOLUME                                     - Local storage volume management.
VOLUMEQUOTASETTING     - Associates the disk quota setting with a specific disk volume.
VOLUMEUSERQUOTA             - Per user storage volume quota management.
WMISET                                     - WMI service operational parameters management.

For more information on a specific alias, type: alias /?

CLASS - Escapes to full WMI schema.
PATH - Escapes to full WMI object paths.
CONTEXT - Displays the state of all the global switches.
QUIT/EXIT - Exits the program.

For more information on CLASS/PATH/CONTEXT, type: (CLASS | PATH | CONTEXT) /?



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