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nslookup [-opt ...] # interactive mode using default server
nslookup [-opt ...] - server # interactive mode using 'server'
nslookup [-opt ...] host # just look up 'host' using default server
nslookup [-opt ...] host server # just look up 'host' using 'server'

(identifiers are shown in uppercase, [ ] means optional)

HOST print info about the host/domain HOST using default server
HOST SERVER as above, but use SERVER as server
help or ? print info on common commands
set OPTION set an option (see below)

Option List

all print options, current server and host
[no]debug print debugging information
[no]d2 print exhaustive debugging information
[no]defname append domain name to each query
[no]recurse ask for recursive answer to query
[no]search use domain search list
[no]vc always use a virtual circuit
domain=NAME set default domain name to NAME
srchlist=N1[/N2/.../N6] set domain to N1 and search list to N1,N2, etc.
root=NAME set root server to NAME
retry=X set number of retries to X
timeout=X set initial time-out interval to X seconds
type=X set query type (ex. A,AAAA,A+AAAA,ANY,CNAME,MX,NS,PTR,SOA,SRV)
querytype=X same as type
class=X set query class (ex. IN (Internet), ANY)
[no]msxfr use MS fast zone transfer
ixfrver=X current version to use in IXFR transfer request
server NAME set default server to NAME, using current default server
server lNAME set default server to NAME, using initial server
root set current default server to the root
ls [opt] DOMAIN [> FILE] list addresses in DOMAIN (optional: output to FILE)
  -a list canonical names and aliases
  -d list all records
  -t TYPE list records of the given RFC record type (ex. A,CNAME,MX,NS,PTR etc.)
view FILE sort an 'ls' output file and view it with pg
exit exit the program



nslookup -type=A

nslookup -type=MX

nslookup -type=mx -debug

nslookup -type=mx -debug

MX Record Example

Associated Commands




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